How an Event Scheduling Software Works

Who uses an event scheduling software?

An event scheduling software is a specialised type of software that caters specifically to facilities managers. In a way, it can be incorporated to event management since many facilities managers offer event planning services. If you are looking for a clear-cut resource on how this type of software can help you, you are in the right place. Read more below to find out more about this solution as an event planning software.

How does an event scheduling software work?

  1. Centralise event scheduling information.

Event scheduling pertains to the process of reserving event venues. If you are a facilities manager with several function rooms or locations within your control, an event scheduling software will make it easier for you to deal with clients and enquiries. The software centralises event scheduling information — using an event website — for your team members and prospective clients to see. Clients will no longer have to call your office to confirm if your facility is available for a certain day. They will simply have to view your calendar or check if a certain function room can still be reserved online.

  1. Manage attendees with event scheduling software CRM.

An event scheduling software CRM will also give you the capability to manage attendees for a certain event through its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function. Event attendees can register online and be given the chance to provide input in terms of their unique preferences. This is especially true if the software you are using has an integrated ticketing function where attendees provide user information and requests as they confirm their attendance.

  1. Track facility resource requests with event scheduling software online.

An event scheduling software online would allow you to manage different resources for your venues. Through the software, your clients can set parameters in terms of what resources they would want present on their events — as well as how much of each. For example, they may request for LCD projectors, extra tables, decorations, etc. If you are organising a big event, this will be especially helpful for your floor management staff since they will be able to prepare according to your client’s wishes. If there are special requests that are not within your possession, you will have ample time to rent or purchase them.

  1. See pertinent information anytime.

One of the best perks of an event scheduling software is that many vendors have set them up over the cloud. This means that you do not have to install it on your desktop. As long as you are connected online, web-based software will allow you to gain access to your dashboard through any working browser. There are also mobile-adaptive solutions that you and your clients can use through smartphones and tablets. If you and your team would like to see the centralised calendar, you can do this in a few clicks. Clients or attendees who have also registered in your website may also log into the software to change details about their reservations.

Furthermore, event scheduling software may also have integration capabilities for you to view your calendar and schedule through third party solutions like Google Drive or Microsoft Outlook. The software may also work in conjunction with an event app.

  1. Generate Emails with event attendee scheduling software.

Email management is another integral feature of an event attendee scheduling software. Through this type of feature, you will be able to send emails to your team members as well as to your clients if you have any information to communicate. Collaboration can now be done through one place, and you can be assured that your recipients will be automatically notified via the software.

  1. Organise payments and invoices for facility usage and event services.

An event scheduling software may also help you organise payments and invoicing. These processes can be challenging if you do them on paper. At one go, you can simply log into the software as the facilities manager and generate different types of invoices. Many online payment systems can also be integrated with an event scheduling software. You may employ payment gateways or use popular choices like PayPal or Stripe for your clients.

  1. Manage staff schedule with event staffing scheduling software.

If you own a facility for events and you’re looking for an event staff scheduling software, chances are you may be employing part-time or full-time staff. A dedicated software may allow you to organise schedules depending on your staff’s availability. For special function staff such as DJs, decorators, and bartenders, you may organise their schedules better by only hiring them once reservations are confirmed through the software.

  1. Manage fine details like food catering and beverage.

Last but not the least, you may need to manage food and beverage for certain events. Refreshments and meals make up an important aspect to the satisfaction of any event’s attendees. If you are a facility manager, you would most certainly be aware that there are varying client requests when it comes to this. An event scheduling software will help you accommodate special requests when it comes to diet restrictions and beverage preferences.

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